Membership/Access Levels

Membership/Access Levels

Membership / Access Levels

There are Four(4) Different Access Levels on

Guest Level: The First Level is 'Guest'. This is any visitor who does not have an account, or has not signed in if they do have one. It has very basic access to the different sections and options that are available to 'Regular' or 'Supporting' Members.

Regular Level: The Second Level is 'Regular'. This level of membership is FREE. This is for any person who has created an account. Regular Members are able to access more sections, and Friends, Visitors, and Favorites are saved for viewing if upgraded to Supporting Level.

Trial Level: The Third Level is 'Trial'. This is the level for any person who has created a new account. It allows New Members to use our site with more options than the FREE level. There are still some small restrictions.

Supporting Level: The Fourth Level is 'Supporting'. This is the level for any person who has created an account, and subscribed/paid for more access, options, and higher limits.

Your Membership Type is: Guest (Your Level is 'Highlighted' Below)

Options/AreasMembership Type
Use Simple    
Use Advanced    
Displayed in Searches    
Save Searches 0010
Search Delay300 Sec.60 Sec.30 Sec.None
View Profiles60%FullFullFull
View Favorites    
Favorites Saved 1010100
View Friends    
Friends Saved 1010100
View Visitors 101050
Privacy Settings    
Chat Mode    
Change Online Status    
View Blogs    
Send Gifts    
View Gifts    
Photo AlbumsGuestRegularTrialSupporting
Create 115
Save Pictures 55100
View Adult Images    
View Videos    
View Adult Videos    
Save Videos  420
View/Hear Music    
Save Music  420
Music Player on Main Profile    
View  *  
Send  *  
Messages Stored 3010300
Messages Per Hour 2220
* If the other member is a 'Trial' or 'Supporting' Member.