Furry Dating Safety
Many people are concerned about online dating sites, thinking that they are somehow at risk by who they might meet online. In general, it is much safer to meet people on FurryDate.com than it is in the real world. If you were to meet someone at a bar for example, you would be physically accessible to this stranger. Furthermore, you don't know anything about this person yet. When you meet someone online, you can review their profile and decide to only contact people who meet your dating criteria. Could they lie? Sure.. but they can lie in real life as well.

Of course there are still security concerns that you should be aware of, some of which are unique to online dating.

Giving Out Personal Information:
When you meet someone at FurryDate.com, use our built-in messaging system and do not rush to give out your personal information. If you give out personal information such as your e-mail address or phone number, there is no longer anything we can do to block further contact. We recommend that you give out a little bit of information at a time. Once you have exchanged some messages on FurryDate.com and you are comfortable with that member, then consider instant messaging. Only after you feel confident about that person's intentions should you exchange your phone number. When you finally decide to meet in real life, be sure to meet in a public place and let your friends know where you'll be. Make sure you bring a mobile phone with you. These precautions should be taken regardless of how you meet someone, whether online, or not.

Online Scams:
The biggest issue dating sites have are the online scammers. Typically the scammer contacts you from another country (typically Souith Africa or Russia) and asks for money. They will say that they want to meet you but they need money for their visa, airfaire, or even their sick mom. If anyone ever asks you for money, please report them to us immediately! They will not ask you for money right away. First they will ask you for your personal e-mail address or instant messenger screen name (they usually use Yahoo for some reason). They tell you how much they love you and want to meet you, they will send you photos, and they will sometimes even talk to you on the telephone. However they will eventually ask you for money, usually around $250 to $350. Although typically the scammers accounts claim to be women, we have seen a growing number of male accounts trying to scam women - usually older women. Additionally, scammers may ask you to receive shipments, and then forward them to another address. What they don't tell you is that these shipments were made using stolen credit cards, and that you are assisting them in their criminal activity.

Some typical signs of a scammer:
  • They immediately ask you for your Yahoo screen name or personal e-mail address, and insist that it's easier for them to talk to you on their personal e-mail address or through instant messaging.
  • They tell you their e-mail address in a format such as myname(AT)Yahoo instead of just typing their address.
  • Someone says they are in US but they want you to contact them at ".RU" or ".co.uk" e-mail address (instead of .com).
  • Their photos are modeling shots (They usually steal them from other web sites).
  • They have very poor English, yet they claim to be from the US or UK. Not a sure sign of course, but if you are talking to a blonde caucasian from Alabama and she talks like English is a second language, it's a clue.
  • They tell you that they are a model traveling in South Africa.
  • They ask if you will forward packages sent to you to an international address.
What you can do about it:
  • Again, do not give out your personal information, even your e-mail address, until you are absolutely comfortable in doing so.
  • If someone tries to solicit you for money use the "Report" link that shows up on every profile, and let us know what happened.
  • Do not give money to anyone that asks you for it on the site.
  • If you are not sure, just have a conversation with them on FurryDate.com and ask them questions, until you know one way or the other.
Some things FurryDate.com does to prevent online scams:
  • We have implemented the ability for members to report a member.
  • We have created this page to help educate our members.
Rememeber - As long as you are smart about meeting new people, and are cautious about giving out your personal information, meeting people on FurryDate.com is extremely safe.

If you have any questions, please let us know!