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Summerfield, North Carolina, USA
A little about me...
Hello, and welcome! I am an undergraduate student seeking to become a medical scientist, such that I may contribute to the advancement of human enhancement technologies. I have a lot of ambitions- tempered only by my own God-given principles- and am looking for someone special to join me as I reach each milestone on my journey.

But before you do, there are some prerequisites that any intimate companion must meet. See the "I am looking for..." section for that.
I am looking for...
Please follow the checklist below to see if you meet the prerequisites I am looking for. This MAY OR MAY NOT be an exhaustive list; I'll probably remember something later and add it to this list.

-Biological female. That means two X-chromosomes and no Y-chromosomes.
-21 years or younger. Anti-aging technology isn't quite able to reverse all the years lost between "now" and "marriage" yet.
-Good body, appearance, and hygiene. Can't get intimate without 'em.
-Christian. The denomination isn't too important, so long as I'll actually see you on the other side.
-Monogamous. The more people you include, the less intimate and special it is.
-Apolitical OR right-leaning. Political views don't just decide national policy, they also decide how the house is run and how any kids would be raised.
-Isn't afraid of body modding... or transformation fetishes, for that matter. This is for a long-term furry goal, not anything which will be relevant in this decade. Wink
What I want in a relationship...
First are foremost, I want someone who is a proper match for me. If your morals line up with mine, then you'll already fulfill much of what I want- a stable, intimate, monogamous relationship. That aside, I absolutely must find time to devote to my field of work, so I'm also looking for somebody who is patient- another trait extolled by my moral leanings.
What I do in my free time...
I mostly play videogames, chat with servers on Discord, and check on browser-based games in my downtime. Occasionally I'll do something productive and create some form of digital art.
My hobbies and interests...
Heavy gaming, D&D, high-fantasy, digital drawings, photomanipulation, writing, music and sound editing, video editing, 3D animation, politics, religion, philosophy, science and technology, sci-fi and futurism, transhumanism, body augmentation, and the slow inevitable onset of cirrhosis (jk I'm not that bad lol).
My idea of a perfect date...
You might wanna just surprise me, honestly. I haven't definitively cultivated any "favorite outings" yet, so if it can hold my attention, I'll leave the house for it.

...But first, I must actually leave the house. XD
My usual friday night is...
Pour a glass of mead, have dinner, take a "nap," take a shower, then start grinding on Warframe/Crossout/Skyrim/MechWar rior Online/etc. into the wee hours of the morning.
Movies / Tv Shows I like...
Something in the ballpark of The Expendables, Pacific Rim, Avengers, or One Punch Man is a pretty safe bet with me. Or if not, I look out for documentaries specific to my interests.
Music / Books I like...
I don't read any books except for textbooks. But as far as music goes, I have quite the soft spot for orchestral themes, soundtracks, trailer music, symphonic metal, power metal, folk metal, choirs, dark ambient, classical, and martial industrial.
Some of my favorite foods...
Seafood and sweet food! I'll take the garlic-buttered lobster with a side-order of Sister Schubert rolls, some cuttlefish sashimi for an appetizer, and a tall glass of rum cordial.
My photo albums...

Some of my details...
I am a:
Seeking a:
Current Status:
Looking For:
Mate / Marriage, Long term, Loyalty, Honesty, Respect, Long distance
Dating Intent:
I'm serious and want to find a permanent mate
Summerfield, North Carolina, USA
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My Interests:
Arts, Computer Graphics, Computers / Internet, Gaming, Movies, Photography, Politics, Religion, Video Games

Fursona Name:
Dragon (Peridrake)
Social Setting:
Comic Relief, Home Body, I like talking, Good listener

Body type:
6'-0" (183cm)
150-160 lbs (70kg)

Work Status:
Some College
Have Kids:
Want (more) kids:
I'm not sure

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