• Posted on 06/20/2018
One of our larger problems. One that gets me the most emails...  A lot of people do not realize how important it is to actually 'Log Out' or 'Log Off' of any website. Well, it is :| When you log out, the programs updates your account, and settings. It also clears any website settings that are stored from your login. Yes, there are quite a few :) The most important is it lets other visito… Read all


  • Posted on 03/26/2018
For those of you who have been keeping up with all the news over the past several months, you have seen several references to future changes. Well, it went active today. I call it T2. For supporting members, every profile will have this design. For 'Trial' members, every profile will have this design. For 'Free' members, only members who are 'Trial' or 'Supporting' members will have this design. … Read all

Music, Audio, Personal Welcome!

  • Posted on 03/01/2018
Hello my little furries!   I finally decided to update our Music Players for the profiles and your Music page. There have been so many updates to browsers, so it was time. I have not updated the 'add' or 'edit' sections for newer browsers, but we will see. After 2 weeks of writing code, getting everything working just right, and assuming there were a lot of members using the Music/Audi… Read all

80% and Profile Photo

  • Posted on 01/02/2018
The updates I have mentioned, and listed in our Terms Of Service are now fully operational. To show up on our site, you must have a Main Profile Photo, and complete at least 80% of your profile. These things will also give you 'Warning' notes at the top of your edit profile page if you have not met the requirements. As with always, if you do not have a Main Profile Photo, your … Read all

Hey my little furries!! First, I hope everyone has a fantastic and Merry Christmas!! Now down to  one of our newer changes, since we appreciate any member that has taken the time to complete most or all of their profile, we have given them more priority in all searches! Keep in mind that this does require that you have a Main Profile Photo! Any member, and this has been a bad trend in t… Read all

Still more changes :)

  • Posted on 12/10/2017
Have you ever gotten in one of those moods where you want to keep building or improving something?? Well, I know I have been going crazy lately, but I am far from done. It seems most things slow down when the weather gets a bit colder, so this is a perfect time to make some of the changes I have on my 'to do' list. Despite a barrage of insults, complaints, gripes, and some peop… Read all

...any questions? Never underestimate the power of a 'Like'!! Our entire 'Favorites' system has been changed over to 'Likes'. The 'Fans' tab is now 'Likes You'. It has taken on a whole new meaning. Have you visited your 'Fans' area? I personally have made lots of new friends, hooked up with a few pets & handlers, and even gotten a few renters, ALL by contacting people who just 'Liked' my prof… Read all

As part of our massive move towards our future plans, the option to mark your 'Main Profile Photo' as 'Adult' has been removed. IE: Adult rated photos are no longer allowed as your main profile photo. The adult setting is still an option on photo albums and their photos. I am currently going over approximatly 1300 main photos that are marked as 'adult'. If a photo is indeed adult, it is deleted, a… Read all