• Posted on 10/13/2018
Version 2. Is it online? YES. Why? Because ONE young man asked.  Is it operational? Yes. Uh.. we are up to Version 2.3 now :) There is now a 'Menu' link (top right) to show options and help. For those who understand the complexity of code.. 8 programs modified, 4 different programming languages, over 700 new lines of code, 6 days. Was it worth it? H to the double L, YES! It is Sweeeet… Read all

UPDATE TWO: I have added a 'Chat' link button to.. Search Results, your 'Friends' list, your 'Friends Online' list, your 'Likes' and 'Likes You' list, your 'Likes Online' list, and your 'Visitors' list. I have made several other mods to a new Chat(not online yet). It is what I wanted from the beginning, but wanted to get something out to my furrys, so you currently have like version 1 :)… Read all

Dynamic Updates Online/Offline

  • Posted on 10/04/2018
The entire 'Online' / 'Offline' indicators are the absolute bane of most webmasters existence. At least the ones that care if its accurate. I tried to indicate in a past News Article how important it was to LOG OFF, but this made little difference after looking at the logs several times. I have spent the last week doing my best at upgrading the way the website knows if you do not log off, but are … Read all

NEW! Recent Album Photos - UPDATED

  • Posted on 09/27/2018
At it again, once you log in, at the bottom of our home page, I have added an image slider that contains the 20 most recent Album Photos. It does not display unless you are logged in. It does Not contain any photos that are 'Adult', Password Protected, or has the Privacy set to 'Friends Only'. If you mouseover any image, you will see the Magnifying Glass. Clicking on this will show you an en… Read all

Trolls and Spammers, oh my..

  • Posted on 09/03/2018
Well, fun, fun. Several of you got notifications there was mail for you around August 31st, 2018, and yet when you got here, there was none. Despite the few comments we got saying our website was 'broken' (explitives deleted), and without even asking before making these snap judgements, yes a few spammers got through. Under normal circumstances we inform each member what happened and inform t… Read all


  • Posted on 06/20/2018
One of our larger problems. One that gets me the most emails...  A lot of people do not realize how important it is to actually 'Log Out' or 'Log Off' of any website. Well, it is :| When you log out, the programs updates your account, and settings. It also clears any website settings that are stored from your login. Yes, there are quite a few :) The most important is it lets other visito… Read all


  • Posted on 03/26/2018
For those of you who have been keeping up with all the news over the past several months, you have seen several references to future changes. Well, it went active today. I call it T2. For supporting members, every profile will have this design. For 'Trial' members, every profile will have this design. For 'Free' members, only members who are 'Trial' or 'Supporting' members will have this design. … Read all

Music, Audio, Personal Welcome!

  • Posted on 03/01/2018
Hello my little furries!   I finally decided to update our Music Players for the profiles and your Music page. There have been so many updates to browsers, so it was time. I have not updated the 'add' or 'edit' sections for newer browsers, but we will see. After 2 weeks of writing code, getting everything working just right, and assuming there were a lot of members using the Music/Audi… Read all