...any questions? Never underestimate the power of a 'Like'!! Our entire 'Favorites' system has been changed over to 'Likes'. The 'Fans' tab is now 'Likes You'. It has taken on a whole new meaning. Have you visited your 'Fans' area? I personally have made lots of new friends, hooked up with a few pets & handlers, and even gotten a few renters, ALL by contacting people who just 'Liked' my prof… Read all

LOG OFF - Updated!

  • Posted on 11/04/2017
Howdy my little furrys!! I bet that graphic got your attention :) Bright red, big bold letters :D Onto one of our larger problems. One that gets me the most emails...  A lot of people do not realize how important it is to actually 'Log Out' or 'Log Off' of any website. Well, it is :) When you log out, the programs updates your account, and settings. It also clears any website settings … Read all

As part of our massive move towards our future plans, the option to mark your 'Main Profile Photo' as 'Adult' has been removed. IE: Adult rated photos are no longer allowed as your main profile photo. The adult setting is still an option on photo albums and their photos. I am currently going over approximatly 1300 main photos that are marked as 'adult'. If a photo is indeed adult, it is deleted, a… Read all


  • Posted on 09/21/2017
Effective immediately, the 'Gifts' tab is no longer shown on profiles. This was a link where visitors could view any gifts you had sent or received. We feel gifts should be between the sender and receiver. You can view any gifts you have sent or received the same as always: -> Menu -> Apps -> Gifts. You can still send and receive gifts. The 'Send a gift' link is still on every profil… Read all

Search, Search, Search!!

  • Posted on 09/06/2017
Now, what is the most (MOST) important part of any social site?? The 'Search Page' !! The original software was not horrible, but not to my standards. I have been working on this one off and on for quite some time. The really big flaw was it did not save the search parameters you put on the form... what city, state, age, etc, etc. Well, after adding about 200 lines of code, there it is! This … Read all

New Message History Format

  • Posted on 09/05/2017
You might ask, what makes me want to change how something is displayed?? Well, I look at something, and if I dont like it, I change it :) SO, there are a lot of members that did not know you could view the history of any messages with any certain member. There is a link under each message that says 'History'. If you clicked it, you could view all messages between you and that member. Well, for th… Read all

After weeks of redesigning the profiles to use google(ick) version 3 maps, and everything working fantastic, for ALL Browsers... GOOGLE in its infinite desire to mess up everything decided to drop support for older browsers. Now this did not affect most of you, but over 10% of our visitors use these 'older browsers'. I was not gonna leave our 'older browser' furries hanging without … Read all

New Menu - UPDATED

  • Posted on 08/10/2017
Well, I am at it again. I never know why, I just get this wild urge to make changes to the site. I have re-designed the main menu for members who are signed in. The Personal Navigation Menu is hidden by default now. There is a new button near the top right, just after your username. It looks like the photo attached to this notice. Just click the button, and the menu will display. Click it again, a… Read all