License Server

  • Posted on 09/08/2021
Well, that was fun! On 09/07/2021, the company that created the software we use, shut down their License Server. That meant that the site was empty except for an error message stating the license was not validated. I was able to get ahold of the creator, and he sent me a lot of new code to bypass this check, but I have run into several problems since installing it. I have been tackling each one as… Read all

NEW Gifts Page!

  • Posted on 11/18/2018
For those of you who have visited the 'Gifts' page in the last week, you would have read the notice that I was creating a Brand New Design. Well, it is installed, and running. New Design, New Gifts! There are so many Gifts, I had to add Categories :) Here is a screencap of the new page :) It has been chopped down to fit of course. There are now over One Hundred Gifts! Only about 92 are showing now… Read all


  • Posted on 11/18/2018
With hundreds of members reading this item, and no comments, no Up or Down votes, Our Autolog is now activated ahead of schedule. As with any modification this complex, there is a possibility of an error. Obviously, the security has to be much stronger. If by some chance, you get an 'Authentication Failed' message after following an 'Autolog' link in any email you receive, please let me know. &nbs… Read all

New Friends Tab

  • Posted on 10/25/2018
I needed a break from the tough code parts, so.. and because I like the Friends List on a certain other site, I changed the operation and content of the 'Friends' Tab on the lower right corner of your screen. Go ahead, click it! You will notice it now displays how many friends you have on the tab. Everytime you open it, it will refresh your Friends List, and let you know if they have been active i… Read all


  • Posted on 10/13/2018
Version 2. Is it online? YES. Why? Because ONE young man asked.  Is it operational? Yes. Uh.. we are up to Version 2.3 now :) There is now a 'Menu' link (top right) to show options and help. For those who understand the complexity of code.. 8 programs modified, 4 different programming languages, over 700 new lines of code, 6 days. Was it worth it? H to the double L, YES! It is Sweeeet… Read all


  • Posted on 06/20/2018
One of our larger problems. One that gets me the most emails...  A lot of people do not realize how important it is to actually 'Log Out' or 'Log Off' of any website. Well, it is :| When you log out, the programs updates your account, and settings. It also clears any website settings that are stored from your login. Yes, there are quite a few :) The most important is it lets other visito… Read all


  • Posted on 03/26/2018
For those of you who have been keeping up with all the news over the past several months, you have seen several references to future changes. Well, it went active today. I call it T2. For supporting members, every profile will have this design. For 'Trial' members, every profile will have this design. For 'Free' members, only members who are 'Trial' or 'Supporting' members will have this design. … Read all

Music, Audio, Personal Welcome!

  • Posted on 03/01/2018
Hello my little furries!   I finally decided to update our Music Players for the profiles and your Music page. There have been so many updates to browsers, so it was time. I have not updated the 'add' or 'edit' sections for newer browsers, but we will see. After 2 weeks of writing code, getting everything working just right, and assuming there were a lot of members using the Music/Audi… Read all