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  • Posted on 11/18/2018

With hundreds of members reading this item, and no comments, no Up or Down votes, Our Autolog is now activated ahead of schedule.

As with any modification this complex, there is a possibility of an error. Obviously, the security has to be much stronger. If by some chance, you get an 'Authentication Failed' message after following an 'Autolog' link in any email you receive, please let me know.


This Option IS active at this time.

Convenience comes with risk! The one thing I like about most emails I get from social sites is when I click on the 'View' link, it automatically logs me into that site to view what they sent me. I have created code to do just this. BUT, being who I am, I am giving each member the option to turn this feature off. By default, it is active.

If you wish to disable this option(uncheck the box), so you will need to 'Log In' each time you follow an email link.

If you enable this option(check the box), you will be logged in automatically each time you follow an email link.

MENU > Settings > Notifications

It is on the bottom of the list, and labeled as 'Enable Automatic Login from Email Links'.


There it is. Thanks.



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