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Music, Audio, Personal Welcome!

  • Posted on 03/01/2018
Hello my little furries!
I finally decided to update our Music Players for the profiles and your Music page. There have been so many updates to browsers, so it was time. I have not updated the 'add' or 'edit' sections for newer browsers, but we will see. After 2 weeks of writing code, getting everything working just right, and assuming there were a lot of members using the Music/Audio option, its all operational :) Then, I looked at the database and found less than 1% actually use this option :(
Free Members are limited to one upload (supporting members: 10), but.. You will give visitors something to listen to! If you create a personal welcome message, think how cool it would be to actually hear their voice!! Give it some thought, and give it a try!! Music or Voice, either works.
You can access this by clicking on MENU -> MEDIA -> MUSIC or to go directly to your Music Edit Page, Click Here
Adding audio files will give you a 'Music' Tab on your profile! On your 'Music' Page, your visitors will see this player, where they can listen to any audio files you have added. * Player may vary depending on the visitors browser.
Large Player

If you use the 'Add to profile' option on the 'Add song' tab or 'Edit file' page, the player shown below will be added to your profile, right under your photo. Visitors will have the opportunity to listen to one of your favorite tunes. As an option, you can record a personal welcome in your own voice, and add that to your profile. What better way to get visitors interested than to let them know what you sound like, and give them a personal welcome??
Profile Player
Check out my profile to see these in action, Click Here.


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