New Menu - UPDATED

  • Posted on 08/10/2017

Well, I am at it again. I never know why, I just get this wild urge to make changes to the site. I have re-designed the main menu for members who are signed in. The Personal Navigation Menu is hidden by default now. There is a new button near the top right, just after your username. It looks like the photo attached to this notice. Just click the button, and the menu will display. Click it again, and the menu hides.

One extra click to get your personal menu, but it keeps the look of each page cleaner. It is also a needed step towards bigger changes I am working on. The new maps on profiles, and the geo-coding were also needed before other changes. I hope this does not upset too many of you :/


UPDATE 08/18/2017 - Well, I just did not like how I did it the first time(after looking at it for a week). I waited a week, and no comments wether anyone liked it or not, so I changed the layout again. Now the menu button/link is inside the main button to access your profile page. I like! /RANT


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