After weeks of redesigning the profiles to use google(ick) version 3 maps, and everything working fantastic, for ALL Browsers... GOOGLE in its infinite desire to mess up everything decided to drop support for older browsers. Now this did not affect most of you, but over 10% of our visitors use these 'older browsers'. I was not gonna leave our 'older browser' furries hanging without any maps on the profiles, and being I am an avid IE8 user myself, I spent 2 more days adding static maps for those browsers. They many not have all the bells and whistles like the version 3, but its a map, and has markers for you and the persons whos profile your visiting. You can zoom in and out, but the static maps stay centered...

Enjoy, Sparky

p.s. I also added a tab on the top right... 'Log In'. It is red. This makes it easier to log in wherever you are. As I said in previous news, all these changes are needed for when I roll out the new design.


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