Search, Search, Search!!

  • Posted on 09/06/2017

Now, what is the most (MOST) important part of any social site?? The 'Search Page' !! The original software was not horrible, but not to my standards. I have been working on this one off and on for quite some time. The really big flaw was it did not save the search parameters you put on the form... what city, state, age, etc, etc. Well, after adding about 200 lines of code, there it is! This is one complicated bit of code. I have done hundreds of tests, using different browsers, and for guests and members. I believe I have it working right. If... IF you get any errors using our search functions, please let me know using our Contact Form.

I have many more changes I want to make to that section, but those will take a lot more time. Again, just another step I needed to complete to be able to move onto more complicated options. Enjoy :)


Sparky :)


p.s.  Already?? Those settings you put in are only remembered while you are on our site! If you close your browser, or leave our little home, the form will reset to default :) If you want to 'save' a search, enter a name in the 'Save to My Searches' box!


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