Man / 32
Baraboo, Wisconsin, USA
A little about me...
I am, among other things, a Steampunk, maker, gamer, and Furry. I have recently rebuilt my workshop after a move, and am doing everything from smithing (still working on that one) to wood and leather working under my LLC, Clockwork Engines.

We have two cats, and live with a room mate and my wife's Dom. We're Polyamorus...

"Normal" Stuff I'm interested in:

-Steampunk (Said that already...)

-Mechanical Design

-Leather Working

-Wood Working

-Metal Working

-Gaming (Repeating myself, again...)

-Martial Arts

-Furry Fandom

-Computer Graphics

In Privet: I am a Hypno-Dom (Dominant who uses hypnosis) with a fondness for obedient slaves, living dolls, and living statuary. I actually have a secondary Sona for this sort of thing by the name of Adonis Albrich. I have some experience but have been inactive for quite a while, namely due to having a difficult time finding other interested parties and a bad scare during the last session with my wife.

Due to said scare, she no longer wishes to continue, and I don't feel comfortable putting her under due to the circumstances/reasons for the problem. After much discussion, we decided to find different outsets for our fetishes. She has since found a Dom, and I am starting to look for a sub/doll/slave.
I am looking for...
What I am looking for right now:
-A Woman at least 21 years old
-In moderately good shape or better
-Shorter than 5' 10" but no shorter than 5' tall
-Single and/or Poly
-Ok with being in a Poly/non-monogamous relationship, with a person who is married.
-Submissive / Slave and experienced or interested in being hypnotized also looking for that sort of play.
-Dancer (belly dancer in particular)
-Involved with the Furry Fandom (once more... kind of obvious...)
-A Geek in general
What I want in a relationship...
Some one who can be a friend, lover and assistant out and about, and a hypno-sub in the bedroom. Open to hypno-erotic experimentation and play. Must be polygamous/non-monogamous. Also, trustworthy, honest and open minded... though I doubt this would be too much of an issue finding here.
Also, similar interests to myself.
What I do in my free time...
Computer/video games, watching anime/old-ish cartoons, cleaning, various things...
Mostly, with the exception of games, my free time ends up taken up by working on stuff for my business: turning things on the lathe/working in my shop, designing something, research, etc. When I have materials, I work on finishing my fursuit.
My hobbies and interests...
Furry Stuff, Steampunk, Gaming, reading, making.
My idea of a perfect date...
Interesting and pleasant conversation, good food and drink, maybe an interesting activity (movie, fair, etc)
My usual friday night is...
Relaxing and de-stressing, I work weekends right now and Friday is my first day of 3. (been putting more work & time into getting my business up and running)
Movies / Tv Shows I like...
Firefly, Babylon 5, Swat Kats, several TMNT series, Ghostbusters, various anime, Stargate SG-1, Star Wars, Star Trek, old Samurai films...
Music / Books I like...
Eclectic, very much depends on mood, though recently: electro-swing(ex: Caravan Palace), and dark cabaret. Though a fare amount of metal, folk, scores and instrumental... again, it really depends on my mood.
Some of my favorite foods...
ummmm, Yes?
I'm willing to try just about anything at least once, and have yet to find many thing that I don't like on some level. American, Indian, German, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Russian... so long as its dead/not moving and not poisonous, I'll at least give it a shot.
My photo albums...
My friends...

Some of my details...
I am a:
Seeking a:
Current Status:
In an Open Relationship
Looking For:
Long term, Sub, Pet
Dating Intent:
I am looking for friends, possibly more
Baraboo, Wisconsin, USA
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My Interests:
Arts, Camping, Computer Graphics, Computers / Internet, Cooking, Crafts, Gaming, Hiking, Hunting / Shooting, Leather Working, Listening to Music, Martial Arts, Movies, Reading, Television, Travel, Video Games

Fursona Name:
Prof. Emrys Coppersmith
Northern European Grey Wolf
Social Setting:
Social Butterfly, Somewhat shy, Home Body, I like talking, Good listener

Body type:
5'-10" (178cm)
210-220 lbs (97kg)
Light Brown

Work Status:
Associates Degree
Have Kids:
Want (more) kids:
I'm not sure

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