Man / 28
Pensacola, Florida, USA
A little about me...
I make 3ds browser games and draw every once in awhile.

I like animated animal movies like Zootopia, The Missing Lynx, and Alpha and Omega. And Kung Fu Panda, etc.

I'm honest, loyal, respectful, and wise. I will love you the way I'm suppose to. If you wanted me to cut your nails or take your shoes off or call you princess or be quiet or make you something to eat or anything all you need to do is ask. Don't ever question my loyalty, nothing can insult me more. Honestly and loyalty is how I lived my entire life.

I've been single irl since I was 14. I was single online since I was probably 20 but I can't remember. I'm still a virgin if it matters. Unrelated to my virginity, you have no idea how much I beg everyday for someone.

I don't really do anything else with my life. I'd do more if I just had someone. But I always wish I could help people. It's actually a secret I have. It's why I still try to make 3ds browser games. Though, the newer ones I'm working on right now will work for wii u browser, pc, and mobile phone anyway.

I'm trying not to make this the 3rd website I get banned from.
I am looking for...
Born female, maybe 20-32, not visually overweight, no make-up. Really prefer someone white. Don't think that I wouldn't like you. I mean after the above filter. I'm pure understanding, I know life way more than I want to.

I very picky but I'm trying to get over it. I need to know what you look like. You don't need to look like anyone special, I just want someone who I can comfortably look at and trust. I'm picky because you will never find anyone like me. I'm picky because I know how I'm supposed to love someone.

Location is almost important. But in short I want a in person relationship. I don't care about moving but I want to stay in USA. I doubt I will move anywhere anytime soon though.
What I want in a relationship...
A furry. Anyway, I know this is stupid but, if your fursona is a lioness that'll be cool. Completely not needed. But honestly every female lioness avatar I see I'm always like I want to talk to her. Especially if you are an artist. Especially if you are nearby. The last person I'd send a message first to would be an artist though. I'm sure all artist would feel like I'm a joke or something because they probably get date messages all the time. I probably shouldn't even put this here..
Some of my favorite foods...
Honestly we all should like the same thing anyway.
I do hate carbonated drinks and spicy food though.
Some of my details...
I am a:
Seeking a:
Current Status:
Looking For:
Mate / Marriage, Long term
Dating Intent:
I'm serious and want to find a permanent mate
Pensacola, Florida, USA
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My Interests:
Cooking, Gaming, Martial Arts, Programming, Video Games

Fursona Name:
Lion Lynx Plant
Social Setting:
Better in small groups, Good listener

Body type:
5'-8" (172cm)
200-210 lbs (92kg)

Work Status:
Some High School
Have Kids:
Want (more) kids:

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