Woman / 66
Conneautville, Pennsylvania, USA
A little about me...
I have a fun personality and love to laugh. Love animals, photography, creating things by hand and enjoy making things on my comp. Love music, lots of movies. Love learning new things. I enjoy sitting on the porch and watching a thunder storm and watching the rain fall. Enjoy playing with my cat. I'm an honest person and have a warm loving heart for those around me. I'm out going and not afraid to chat with others or afraid to start up a conversation with a stranger. I love to snuggle and hug. I'm not wheelchair bound but do use my wheelchair when not in the house. I use it like a walker. I don't cook. I do not own a car. Not sure what else to say so if I haven't answered everything here just send me a message and I will answer honestly.
I am looking for...
A man that will love me for me. Who has interests similar to mine but also has his own that he can share with me. A man that enjoys snuggling while watching movies. Likes holding hands in public. A man that wants to share his life with a loving, honest, caring woman. A man that isn't allergic to cats is a must! A man that doesn't drink/smoke. (A man over 55 only please.) A man that has a good sense of humor. Doesn't mind a woman that uses a wheelchair to get around outside of the house. A man that just wants to be loved sincerely, honestly without mind games.
What I want in a relationship...
A loving, honest relationship. One where talking is a must. Not bottle things up inside.
What I do in my free time...
Wow.... I play with my cat. Take photos. Create things with my hands. Enjoy doing things on my comp that are creative. Some times I play WOW.
My hobbies and interests...
Photography, art (pretty much any media), chatting, sewing, crocheting. Solving puzzles and creating things.
My idea of a perfect date...
Probably, going out to a nice dinner and a movie.
My usual friday night is...
Watching series on Netflix.
Movies / Tv Shows I like...
A lot. LOL Crime shows, forensics, thrillers, comedies and musicals. Some times documentaries. Just finished watching season 15 of NCIS.
Music / Books I like...
Oldies, soft jazz, some newer stuff.
Some of my favorite foods...
oh. Pastas. Salads. Nothing spicy.
My photo albums...
My friends...

Some of my details...
I am a:
Seeking a:
Man, Trans, Woman
Current Status:
Looking For:
Friend, Honesty, Respect
Dating Intent:
I am looking for new friends
Conneautville, Pennsylvania, USA
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My Interests:
Arts, Computers / Internet, Crafts, Family, Gaming, Listening to Music, Movies, Painting, Photography, Television, Video Games, Wood Working

Fursona Name:
golden/blue pegasus
Social Setting:
Somewhat shy, Home Body, Better in small groups, Sit back and watch, Flirt, I like talking, Enthusiastic, Good listener

Body type:
5'-0" (152cm)
250 lbs and up (>113kg)
A little gray

Work Status:
Some College
Have Kids:
Yes - but not at home
Want (more) kids:
I'm not sure

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