Hey guys and gals... I had an interesting situation arise recently, and I thought I would share my thoughts on an unusual subject. We get several New Members each week that create a profile, just to look around, and then 'cancel' it. I personally have never understood why anyone would take the time to create one, then in the same day (or the same hour), cancel it. I am sure there are some viable reasons out there, but I can't think of any.

Try to consider it this way. You create a profile and do a few searches, and don't see anyone you are interested in, so you cancel your profile. Have you considered the 10 to 20+ New Members we get almost every week?? It is those New Members who are doing the most searching. Those New Members are the best reason to keep your profile updated, accurate, and ACTIVE.

Say you created a profile 8-9 months ago and cancelled it. Think about the Hundreds of New Members who have joined us since then. All of those members have no idea you exist on this site!! It only takes that One Certain person to see your profile, and you could have a Mate for Life!! What if they joined just days after your cancelled your profile??? Think about that.

Bottom line, no matter which site you have a profile on, keep it updated and active! Logging on every few days keeps your profile picture on our Home and Sub-Pages. Those are always the first pics I look at when I re-visit any 'Find a Mate' site. And I have several profiles out there! Upload new pictures every once in a while. This lets people know you are still around and active. Also, be sure an actually PUT a picture on your profile. Profiles without a picture do not show up on our 'Recent', 'New', or 'Most Popular' photo areas.

Thanks for your time, all you Furries out there!!!

Sparky :)


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