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Never underestimate the power of a 'Like'!! Our entire 'Favorites' system has been changed over to 'Likes'. The 'Fans' tab is now 'Likes You'. It has taken on a whole new meaning. Have you visited your 'Fans' area? I personally have made lots of new friends, hooked up with a few pets & handlers, and even gotten a few renters, ALL by contacting people who just 'Liked' my profile, but were too shy to initiate contact!

A Favorite is a Favorite, but a 'Like' means you want to talk to them, meet them, interact with them! Every profile has a 'Like this member' link. Give it a try!

MENU -> Network -> Likes 

Sparky :)

UPDATE: (12/04/2017) I have had the question of... "If I 'like' a profile, are they notified?" The answer is YES. That member is sent an email telling them they have a new 'like'.


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