Hey my little furries!!

First, I hope everyone has a fantastic and Merry Christmas!! Now down to  one of our newer changes, since we appreciate any member that has taken the time to complete most or all of their profile, we have given them more priority in all searches! Keep in mind that this does require that you have a Main Profile Photo! Any member, and this has been a bad trend in the past few months, that does not have a Main Profile Photo no longer shows in any search. This photo is the only requirement to show up in searches for now. By the new year, we will also be checking the percentage completed of each profile for search results. SO many people create an account just to do searches. They never enter any information other than what is required to create an account. I see no reason why these people should show up in searches since there is almost nothing to see if you do visit their profile. Again, we appreciate the effort put into making a serious attempt at telling visitors about yourself.

Merry Christmas!!


p.s. That was fun! I found an error in the newsletter program that sent my 'Merry Christmas' to EVERYONE. Fortunately, there were only 207 canceled members, and the few that replied were very nice about it! I sent an apology email to each explaining what happened :)


UPDATE (12/26/2017): BAM! Our percentage calculator has been off for a while :( I got that puppy growling now. It was off because members in other countries could not fill in the 'state' or 'zipcode'. My database does not have zips/postal codes for the 'world' :) Now it looks at your 'country' and calcualtes properly. It is 100% accurate now :)


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